How to Apply

Your application must be received at least 4 weeks in advance of your program to allow the committee to review your application and process the funds in time for your program.

Our generosity policy states that we will give the most we can in order to assist individuals to attend the eligible programs. 

To start the process:

  1. First read the criteria for receiving scholarship, which also lists eligible programs.
  2. Speak to your Center Director, Meditation Instructor or anyone who will be completing your references.
  3. Inform them of your intention to apply for a scholarship and provide them with the deadline for submitting their form.
  4. Download the reference form and email it to the individual who will be completing it.
  5. Download and complete the application form and email the form to: [email protected]

Within 1 week of sending the application you will receive a note from the committee stating that your application has been received. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please contact us at: [email protected]. If you still don’t hear from us please phone the Toronto Shambhala Centre at 416-588-6465; the message will be relayed to an appropriate SPOCSF contact.

In addition you may submit an application for financial aid to the land center where you will be attending the program. (This is a separate process; we encourage you to apply for both scholarships.)