Welcome Message

A special welcome message from the Chair of the Board of Directors…

Dear friends,

The scholarship fund is very dear to my heart.

This scholarship fund was created in 2005, based on the inspiration of members of the Shambhala community from Chicago, Baltimore and New York Centers. Several of us saw that there was a gap in the visibility of People of Color in leadership and teaching positions across the mandala. While Shambhala had created a working group on diversity we saw a need to go the next step in order to eliminate barriers that may be preventing People of Color to progress on the Shambhala Buddhist path.

My progress on the Shambhala Buddhist path is inspired by the teachings, and part of it has been supported by the generosity of others. The financial assistance of others has made it possible for me to attend programs outside of my center.

I am thankful for the generosity and kindness, which has helped me to deepen my practice and studies and move along the path.

The aim of the fund is to create opportunities for People of Color to become teachers and leaders. The founders of the Shambhala People of Color Scholarship Fund are confident that the scholarship will benefit the whole community, and that it will alleviate suffering among a broader spectrum of people in our local communities and in our diverse world, and that People of Color will contribute to the richness of the Shambhala community through teaching, governance,mentoring and supporting others.

We are part of a unique community that has taken steps to embrace diversity and provide opportunities for members of diverse racial/ethnic heritages to deepen their path and assume leadership roles in our community. To all People of Colorin the Shambhala community I embrace and encourage you to use this scholarship to deepen your study, to practise and work together to benefit all sentient beings!

Mabinti Dennis, Chair, Shambhala POCSF Board of Directors

P.S. Special thanks to the Diversity Working Group, the President of Shambhala, the Office of Practice and Education, and the Office of Finance and Development for their support and consultation during the development process.


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